Common Misconceptions of Becoming a Cam Girl

The cam model industry is one that’s always been subject to heavy scrutiny, leading to a myriad of misconceptions. This, in turn, also manages to deter women from actually pursuing the job, even when they want to. Most of these misconceptions spur from small-mindedness and misinformation. As far as common misconceptions in the cam-model industry go, these are probably a few you’ve already heard of. Whether you’re considering a profession as a cam model, or you’re already a part of the industry, the stereotypes tied to being a cam model are hard to avoid. Let’s help clear a few things up.

1. There’s no difference between being a cam model and prostitution

Any work, including sex work, should be respected. That being said, being a cam girl is an entirely different profession in comparison to prostitution. A cam model’s work environment is exclusively online. The models never meet with their fans and clients in real life, and there is never any physical interaction involved.

2. Cam models aren’t doing real jobs

There’s a lot of taboo surrounding conversations involving cam modeling. A lot of people are still not comfortable when broaching this topic. Some people think about cam modeling as a second-tier job, while some believe it’s not a real line of work at all. That is far from the truth. There is a multitude of men and women on a global basis, who make their living through camming. The majority of these models are also willing to work full-time, that is a normal 9 – 5 office job, to earn their living. In fact, some models even put in more hours in comparison to an office job. The amount of work they put in is directly proportional to the money they end up making, which, in most cases, is also much more than a regular office job.

3. Cam modeling is shady

Cam modeling is a legitimate career, and there’s nothing shady about it. As long as the model in question is over 18 years of age, cam modeling is completely legal. As long as you pay your taxes on time, there’s nothing illegal about being an online model.

4. Everyone will know about you being a cam model

This is simply untrue. If you don’t want people to know, there are ways in which you can go about ensuring this. As we live in the golden age of technology, we now have options which allow us to go incognito. If you don’t want your family and friends knowing about your work, then you can use geo-blocking to automatically block viewers from select areas. You can even use it to block an entire country from viewing you! In today’s world, you have a variety of options to protect your identity and privacy, especially while working online.

5. People become cam models because they’re desperate for money

It’s no surprise that to this day, the majority of the world seems to be under the impression that the only people who go into cam work, are those that couldn’t get a ‘better’ job, or those that are desperately in need of cash. The truth, however, is quite contrary to popular belief. Most cam models choose the profession they’re in because they’re passionate about it. The cam modeling industry is one that allows for models to be free, creative, and entertaining. Basically, to be themselves. Most people find this alluring. It’s a profession they choose and not something they’re forced into because of a lack of better options.

6. You can only become a cam model if you’re conventionally beautiful

This proves to be one of the most common misconceptions about cam models. Sure, there’s a market out there for conventionally beautiful girls. But cam modeling is done on the internet, thereby making it global. This, in turn, means that there’s a market for all types of models, whatever their quirks may be. In essence, anybody can become a cam model. All people are different. Therefore, what people find attractive also differs. No matter your body type, race, gender, or nationality, you’ll definitely have a place in the cam modeling industry.

7. Cam modeling can help you make a quick buck

Being a cam model does not guarantee easy money. As with any profession, establishing yourself as a cam model also takes time and dedication. If you’re not the hard-working type, cam modeling is probably not the profession for you.

8. Cam models can’t have steady relationships

People tend to assume that cam models can’t be in fulfilling relationships because of their line of work. As mentioned above, cam modeling is a legitimate profession. So long as both parties understand that, there is virtually no reason why a cam model couldn’t have a healthy, happy relationship.

9. Cam models are easy

When you’re working as a cam model, there are times when you’ll receive derogatory messages from people, demanding you sleep with them. This is because of the ugly misconception that cam models are easy lays. Not only is this untrue, but also highly demeaning.

10. Cam models live in extravagance

The lifestyle you choose to live depends entirely on you. The same can be said for cam models. Some models at the very top of the industry can indeed afford an expensive lifestyle. This doesn’t mean that all cam models live the same extravagant life. More often than not, cam models are just people trying to make an honest living. What you can earn as a cam model varies from person to person and from month to month, depending on the work you put in.

11. Cam models are uneducated

Cam models all don’t come from the same place in society. A lot of cam models are well educated. They could very well have been doctors or lawyers before taking up a profession as a cam model. Being able to hold down conversations with people of varying intellect is one of the most important requirements of being a cam model. That being acknowledged, the fact that some people still think cam models are uneducated is frankly, a bit ridiculous to say the least.

Misconceptions and stereotypes about the cam modeling industry can have a negative impact on how cam models are treated in society. If you want to try your hand in cam modeling, go for it! People will talk whether they have a reason to or not.

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