How Do Cam Girls Actually Make Money

The popular misconception is that cam girls get money by merely stripping in front of a camera. While that is one of the ways cam girls make money, that’s not the only way. In fact, these days, camming has transformed into a highly dynamic and creative business. Cam models have numerous avenues apart from stripping to fill their coffers.

Here are eight main ways to bring home the big bucks through camming

Just a note before we start. Not all cam sites offer all these features. So, it’s best you check before you join a site.

Okay, now let’s get started.

  • Public performances

Public shows are a great way for cam girls to meet their daily earnings targets. Here, the cam girl sets how much she wants to earn from a particular public show. If the session’s viewers tip her enough for her to reach her money goal, she performs the act which the audience wants her to.

The people who normally tip cam girls here are the regulars, but there may be viewers who’re watching free-of-charge. So, our recommendation is that you keep track of your paying viewers and ensure that you include the acts they want to see in your session. Forget about the piggy-backers.

Usually, this method is very helpful in reaching small finance goals. For example, at Cam4, our per token charge is $0.10. This is after we deduct the processing fees. So, if you earn 1000 tokens in a session, you can take the entire amount of $100 home. Do a few more, and you’ll have a couple of hundred dollars by the end of the night. That’s not a bad deal at all; especially considering other cam sites where processing fees are deducted after you receive the tokens from your viewers. So, you end up taking home much lesser than what you’ve earned.

If you want to make more money in the same amount of time, you should bag yourself a private show.

Private shows are one-on-one performances, where the cam model performs for a single client. Here, the viewer will either pay the model for a time-bound session, or he’ll pay per minute, for non-timebound sessions.

Time-bound sessions are steady money, and they allow you to take up multiple shows on a single day. But pay-per-minute streams are really lucrative. New girls can get anywhere between $1-$5 for each minute. But top-of-the-rank cam girls sometimes get more than $5 per minute too.

  • Group performances

Group shows are just like private performances, except that here you’ll need to perform for a small, intimate gathering of people. Of all shows, group performances are the most-loved by both the cam girls and the viewers.

Here, viewers need to buy a time-based ticket to get this service. So, as a cam model, you’ll always be assured that you’re paid for the job. Additionally, once the ticket is bought, viewers too don’t need to tip you any further, unless they want to. So, they can just get right down to enjoying your performance.

  • Performances with sex toys

Teledildonics is a huge thing in the world of cam modeling now. This is a type of camming where the cam girl uses sex toys, and the controls of the toys are with the viewers.

Here, the model sets-up a menu with a list of acts that she’ll perform with the sex toy. For her to perform these acts, viewers need to select the item from the menu and pay for it. Once paid, the viewer can sit back and watch as the drama unfolds. This is a very immersive experience.

  • Interactive cam-to-cam performances

Another super-immersive type of show is a cam-to-cam performance. This feature is usually available only on private shows. Here, the webcam of the viewer will be activated too, and both the cam girl and the viewer can talk to each other during the performance.

This is a very realistic and intimate type of show, which costs pretty high. So, if you get a cam-to-cam request, go for it. You can earn quite a bit from it.

  • Games-based performances

Sex games have always had a global appeal. This is true even in the world of cam modeling. Sex games-based shows can earn cam girls a pretty penny. The wilder the game, the higher is the income you’ll make from it.

Games like Roll the Dice, Sex Cards, and Spin the Wheel are especially popular on cam sites. Your viewers will tip a particular game and then spin the wheel or roll the dice or pick a card; and the act that comes-up is the one you’ll have to perform.

These games are also extremely popular on collaborated streams, where two or more cam girls are working together.

  • Cam site fan clubs & exclusive memberships

Once you’ve got a pretty sizable fanbase online, you should consider setting up a fan club or a members-only group on the site. This is what most top cam girls do.

Fan clubs require a monthly payment from viewers. Here, they’ll be able to send you unlimited messages, download your photos or videos, get discounts on private shows, and benefit from other such perks.

This is a great way to get a steady stream of income with the least effort.

  • Amazon Wishlist

This is another great way for cam girls to, well, not make money, but to get the things they want, free-of-charge.

There are many viewers on cam sites (especially your fans) who’re more than happy to indulge you and sponsor your purchases. All you need to do is set-up an Amazon Wishlist on the cam site and wait for your regulars to send you a gift.

Not just gifts, but many viewers also send groceries, pay the models’ electricity bills, and more.

Two side gigs cam girls can do to make money

Apart from the above revenue-generation streams, there are two more things that cam girls can do on the side to earn pocket change.

  • Sale of photos, videos, clothes & toys

A lot of dedicated viewers would love to get their hands on your photos and videos. Then there are your used panties, sex furniture, and sex toys. These have a lot of potential to make money.

You can upload the details of the item you want to sell with the price and viewers will be able to see it, bid on it, and buy it.

  • Private, paid-only Instagram or Snapchat group

Another sure-fire way to make pocket-change is to create a private, paid Snapchat, or Instagram group. Here, you can post personalized messages to your die-hard fans and photos which other non-group viewers will never get to see.

This type of exclusivity is worth a lot, and you’ll have many takers who’re willing to pay a pretty sum to be a part of your elite group.

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