How Not to Suck at Being a Cam Girl

The camming industry is one of the best places to make money; lots of it. But if you notice, a large part of this money is in the hands of a select few. Why do you think that is?

The truth is, a lot of cam girls don’t know how to be a “good cam model.” They make rookie mistakes even when they’re not rookies anymore. This can result in their losing out on tips and viewer patronage. The only people who make a lucrative livelihood out of camming are those women who know how to work the ropes.

So, if you’re interested in getting the most of your camming career, you should follow our tips.

Nine things to do to become the best cam girl on the market

  • Invest in training, equipment, and accessories

Cam modeling is all about aesthetics. How you look in the video determines how many people follow your account, how many tips and tokens you get, and how rich and successful you’ll be in the industry.

So, before you start camming, speak to one of the mentors/advisers in your cam studio. Learn the ropes about what to do and what not to. Speak to seasoned cam girls about their experience.

Next, invest in equipment like good-quality computer, webcam, microphone, lighting, and internet connection. Purchase sexy lingerie, costumes, and sex toys to elevate the entire visual experience of your videos. Learn how to do make-up and hair the right way and buy quality cosmetics.

  • Be charming on camera

Not only your attire but how you present yourself as a person goes a long way in determining your success as a cam model.

The truth is, many cam site visitors are looking for someone to talk to and spend time with. They love meeting someone who displays her “real” self on the reel.

Showcasing your bubbly, friendly, and empathetic nature on your videos will make you more approachable. Be kind and respectful to viewers. Even when flirting or talking dirty, never be crass. 

Over time, your amazing personality will be drawing people in, more than your looks. 

  • Engage your viewers

No video viewer (be they on cam sites or YouTube) likes to watch a channel where the host doesn’t even acknowledge the audience. Such a video seems so impersonal. This is where audience-host interactions become important.

Make sure you speak to your viewers every day. In the midst of camming, take the time to ask them questions about themselves or provide fun tidbits about yourself. Start by posing a random question or an innocuous comment. This can lead to fun conversations and can make your viewers feel special since you took notice of them.

Just be careful about your privacy and avoid giving explicit information about yourself.

  • Add a personal touch to your communication

Apart from generic conversations with the entire group, you should also pay close attention to your regulars – audience members who always attend your sessions. These regulars have the highest likelihood of becoming your tippers and maybe even future clients for paid private shows.

One of the best ways of becoming a great cam girl is to treat your regulars with care. Give them a warm welcome. Maybe even pose a question or make a comment in continuation with your conversation from the previous session. If you’re close to your regulars, you can even ask after their family.

Such highly personal communication shows how much you value them and their patronage, and this will keep them coming back to you over the years.

  • Never let the video be boring

A lot of times, inexperienced cam girls make the mistake of not actively upping the interest levels of their viewers. Either they may not be in-the-mood themselves, or maybe the viewers aren’t enthusiastic. Irrespective of the reason, not engaging the audience and keeping the session very run-of-the-mill can lead to a lot of losses.

Just imagine; a high-tipper visit your session, see how slow it is and leaves. He takes with him his loyalty and his money. Do you really want that to happen?

So, no matter how unresponsive viewers seem, make sure you keep them entertained. Play a hula-hoop in your lingerie or dance around to no music, tell a joke you read in the paper, or review a costume/toy.

The sky is the limit.

  • Develop a reliable posting schedule

Posting schedules are really important because they tell your die-hard audience, aka your fans, what time they can expect your videos.

The truth is, a lot of cam viewers keep themselves free to watch the live videos of their favorite girls. If you don’t have a fixed camming schedule and post whenever you want, you may keep your fans waiting for hours-on-end. When this happens, you risk irritating them.

This is why you should pick a specific day and time and post accordingly. Be sure to inform your audience of your posting schedule changes in advance on social media or in the chat link of your current session.

  • Cam even when you’re on a vacay

Reinforcement is the best way to remembrance. If you want to be remembered and looked-forward-to by your audience, you should make sure you post frequently.

While it’s okay to stop posting for some time, it’s not advisable to go completely off-the-radar for days-on-end. If you’re going on holiday for a week or more, schedule a small video which you can create and post during the holiday.

If you absolutely can’t post on your vacay, inform your fans about your return date and make sure you post a video on your return.

  • Be willing to work hard

The fact of the matter is, camming is not an easy job. It takes a lot of time, endurance, and a thick skin to make it work in this industry. You’ll need to put yourself out there and be willing to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

More importantly, you’ll need to spend a minimum of 3-5 hours each day, producing quality content. This is just the video production part. You should also spend 2-3 hours each day maintaining appearances on social media and engaging your fans. Not doing this even for a single day can be devastating for your career.

Remember that even the most famous cam girls today, were once like you – new and inexperienced. But it was their hard work that helped them reach roaring success.

  • Persevere till you succeed

Finally, remember that cam modeling isn’t a short-term ticket to wealth. It takes a lot of hard work, passion, and patience from your end to make positive things happen. So, even if you feel your hard work isn’t rewarding you (say, you continue to get very low tips despite following all the above tips), remember that in the long run, things will be okay.

Actively scout for new viewers and nurture those viewers who come to your site for the first time. While they aren’t profitable right now, they could one day become your most devoted fan and highest tipper, provided you put work into them.

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