How to Become a Male Cam Model

There’s no doubt that there’s a market for male cam models or cam boys, but the reality is that it’s not as huge as it is for their female counterparts. Given the limited audience, you should expect to make lesser than female cam models and should pursue webcamming as a side business to earn some extra cash. If you have free time to spare, then becoming a male cam model would work great.

The most important part, however, is to be happy masturbating before the camera. As a male cam model, this is the core of your job. You will be requested to do this over and over again. Before you dive into the business, here are a few important things to note:

#1: Look for the right website

First and foremost, you need to do some extensive research on various webcamming sites and select the one that’s going to work great for you. Most cam sites you see online do not offer options for male cam models. So, you might want first to list down which ones offer this option. Check how many male models these sites have and their respective viewership. If you see that only a few visit the site, then it might not be the right option for you.

#2: Register yourself

After you have selected the site, you need to open an account with them. Most sites offer a pretty straightforward process, and it can be done in a jiffy. You just have to keep everything, such as your ID, photographs, videos, and other content, ready to speed up the process.

After you sign up, navigate the cam site and get the hang of how it works. Most of them will offer a range of details of models and how to set up an account and start streaming. You must go through them to understand it better. You should also be especially careful about learning how to use the dashboard because it’s where you will be uploading your streams and spending most of your time.

#3: Check out other performers

Besides knowing the site, you must also research the other models who have registered with it. Check out what they are doing and how they are doing it. How many fans do they have and what special are they doing to gain them. You get inspiration for your on-screen moves, such as dancing, teasing, interacting, etc. Not to forget, you can also dress like them if you feel they look super sexy in it.

#4: Get your equipment

Without the right equipment in place, cam modeling can be a tough affair. You need a fair bit of them but to start with, you need to find a place where you can pursue cam modeling with any disturbance, a laptop or a desktop, a high-resolution webcam, and good lighting equipment. The last one is the most important because you may have the best set in the world, but it fails to lure your viewers if your lighting is terrible.

#5: Go social

Everyone is going social these days; you should too. Perhaps it’s time that you make your personal social media account private if you want to start cam modeling. It keeps your job a secret so that you don’t have to face awkward times with family and friends. But don’t use social media to promote your cam modeling career. Create a new model name and give out only that information that your fans want to know and see. You can post faceless shots on social media and get in touch with your fans regarding any chance in your cam schedule.

#6: Don’t forget your privacy

As a male cam model, you cannot ignore your privacy because there are many threats out there in the online space. You will have to keep yourself protected at all times. Consider the geoblocking features offered by most sites. This allows you to block people from a particular city, state, or country from viewing your profile. Also, never give your real name or other personal details to your fans. Who knows who intends to do what, right?

#7: Be cheerful and active

A lot of your success as a cam model will depend on how you show yourself on screen. Nobody would want to talk to somebody boring and uninterested. You may feel like wearing a pair of boxers and lazing around, but that’s not what your viewers want. Try putting on different underwear, briefs, jockstraps, and thongs to turn your viewers wild. Get into different costumes and roleplays to take them on a memorable ride. Just because you are a male cam model doesn’t mean you will have to buy expensive cam outfits.

#8: Get a tube of lube

As a male cam model, you will have to masturbate a lot. That’s the whole part of your job. You have to excite your viewers with this skill. But sadly, beyond a point, it’s going to hurt. Some do it without lube but complain of discomfort down there. So I recommend that you get a lube of your favorite smell and color. Consider getting it in bulk because you will keep needed it.

#9: Collaborate with other models

Last but not least, I say you get in touch with other models in the space to up your pursuit. Cam modeling, sometimes, is better done in collaboration with other popular cam models. You should know that most of your viewers will be gay men and joining forces with other models for a few shows would work great for you. You can get some good cash if you put up a real show.

By now, you may have got a gist of what you need to do to become a male cam model. The process isn’t as difficult, but you can do it with hard work and dedication. Get on the right cam site and create good-quality streams. You are sure to make a name for yourself in this realm. Just trust yourself that you can do it.

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