Some Additional Sources of Revenue for Cam Models

The cam model industry is quite lucrative. Many cam models earn thousands of dollars each day by working just for a couple of hours. But the fact is, not every day is the same. Some days you earn less than others. This is why it’s great to have other sources of income, which can supplement your earnings.

In fact, even highly experienced cam models recommend that newbies tap into additional revenue generation streams. Not only does this help you earn more money, but it also helps you gain greater visibility in the world of camming.

Eight jobs cam models can do to make money with minimum effort

  • Auction your lingerie, toys, and other accessories on your site

A lot of cam models develop a die-hard following within weeks of starting out as models. Many fans repeatedly request their favorite models to sell their lingerie, sex toys, clothes, whips, belts, and so on to them as memorable keepsakes. This market is so huge right now, it’s making money in the millions.

Auctioning your used panties, sex toys, and other belongings (which you use in your videos) can go a long way in helping you make some serious cash.

  • Sell videos and photos to fans for offline viewing

Another thing you can sell to your fans – your photos and videos.

There are many cam video viewers who’ll be more than happy to purchase videos and photos of their favorite cam models. By keeping private chat lines open with your viewers, you can find out if someone wants a copy of a particular video or photo for their private collection.

This strategy can also be followed when you’ve filmed something that a lot of viewers have enjoyed. You can set up paid download links of your photos and videos on your site, which your fans can use to download the content they love.

  • Invite members to be part of your exclusive social media follower base, for a payment

Your fans would love to know more about you and your life. In fact, there will be many who’ll be willing to pay large amounts to get a glimpse of your regular, day-to-day life. This is where social media comes in.

Platforms like Sharesome, Twitter, Tumblr, OnlyFans, and Snapchat are excellent for cam models who want to advertise themselves and make money. Here, you can set up a private account and invite a select group of viewers to become members in exchange for a payment.

These platforms have robust and secure payment gateways, ensuring your money is safe. Here, you can show your fans a preview of what your normal life looks like – how your day begins, what meals you eat, what your shopping basket consists of, and so on. This is also an area where you can develop and strengthen your relationship with your dedicated fans and ensure they don’t move over to another cam model.

  • Invite your viewers to take a paid membership to your fan club

If social media is a platform you’re not willing to explore right now, you can start a paid members-only fan club right on your camming platform.

There are many camming websites that allow models to start fan clubs. These viewers will pay to get a membership to your fan club, and they’ll be rewarded for their payment in the form of exclusive shows, video previews, discounts on purchases, private chat time, unseen photos, and exclusive video footage.

Trust us; there are thousands of people who’ll pay a bucket-load of money to get these perks.

  • Give personalized shows or showcase custom content for an additional charge

As a cam model, you can earn twice, maybe three times more than what you earn in a day doing the same thing online – provided you perform for a single person or a very small group of individuals.

As a best practice, speak to your most dedicated followers and ask them if they’d like a private show for a premium charge. In all likelihood, they’ll say yes. Not only will you earn a lot this way, but you’ll also make your viewer feel special through this one-on-one performance.

Another thing you can charge for – specialized content.

There may be things that you normally don’t do on your videos. But your audience may be willing to pay to watch these things. You can charge a premium to offer this unique content.

  • Collaborate with fellow cam models and charge a premium for the show

One of the most in-demand contents in the world of camming is collaboration videos. Here, a cam model works with another model to put on a special show for their combined audience. These types of collaborated shows can draw in big spenders, and you can make serious cash this way.

The best part about this strategy is that you can also use this video as a platform to promote yourself to an entirely new group of viewers who may not consciously search for your videos.

When looking for a collaborator, work with a cam model whose style is different from your own. That way, you can bring something special to the video while also ensuring you don’t accidentally promote a competitor.

  • Be an affiliate for lingerie and sex toy brands online

You may be using a wide range of lingerie and sex toys as part of your job. There is a very high likelihood that you may be using one brand more over the others. Why not get paid for your brand loyalty?

There are many companies and e-commerce stores which hire cam models to be official affiliates of lingerie and sex toy brands. As an affiliate, your job is to promote that brand of lingerie/toy and to provide your viewers with a discount code or an offer, which they can use to purchase these products. When someone uses this code and makes a purchase, you get between 10%-20% of the sales proceeds as revenue. Great, isn’t it?

You can take this a step further and even become an official lingerie/sex toy sponsor. You can partner with certain brands and offer to use these products in your videos. There are many brands (especially new-to-the-market ones) who’ll be happy to pay to get their products sponsored on your videos.

  • Create a fund pool or an Amazon Wishlist for your fans to contribute to

Finally, you can set up a fund/money pool on your site for donations by your die-hard fan base. Or, you can set up a public Amazon Wishlist, which your audience can access and from where they can buy you things you need.

Many cam models use this method to make money for their education or to pay the bills or to buy groceries. You can do that too. Your most loyal fans will definitely donate or buy you something to show their appreciation for the work you put in for their enjoyment.

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