How to Stay Protected Online as a Cam Model

The online space is certainly a boon to humanity, especially for you cam models, but it has also posed certain security and privacy concerns. There are potential stalker issues and chances of your family, friends, or relatives coming across your profile accidentally. That sounds scary, right?

So, you as a cam model must stay protected. Here are a few tips you need to follow to prevent online tragedies from occurring:

Take geoblocking seriously

First and foremost, you need to get your geoblocking sorted as soon as you sign up for a cam site. You may be a small-town resident where everyone knows everyone, and news doesn’t take time to spread. So this feature lets you update your “location” services and bar anyone from the city, or even state or country, from contacting you or viewing your stream.

Geoblocking does not mean that that user will not be able to use the cam site. He or she will not be able to see you in their search results. So make sure that your cam site offers this feature if you wish to keep your profile and work a secret affair. 

However, there’s another catch: this feature is not going to block people using VPNs to change their I.P. address to a different country. This gives them access to your content. Also, you must not forget about this if you are delivering a performance before someone else. Their geoblocking setting might be different. As such, you should check you don’t get shown anywhere you don’t want to be.

Refrain from revealing your personal information

This rule applies to all online interactions people have with unknown users. But for cam models, the stress on it is more. You must keep your details private at all cost. Don’t reveal them because you don’t know what intention the person on the other side of the screen has. Also, choose a pseudo name to maintain some discretion. Make sure it’s completely different from your real name lest it may show up in people’s search results.

Your address? Never!

No, you don’t have to call anyone to your home. You will always be behind the screen. So never ever should you give out your personal address, no matter who far the user lives. Some creeps don’t mind traveling miles.

Some people may want to send you gifts. Ask them to send them to a P.O. Box or mail address from where you can pick it up later. The safest way to accept gifts from fans is by creating a private wish list and sharing that with them. They can pick something from that. This ensures that they never get to know your residence or personal information. 

But the platform where you create your wish list should not have the tracking feature, which would allow your unknown fan to track your address. Most adult sites will maintain caution while providing this service compared to websites like Amazon. Also, there are a few cam sites that host wish lists and send items on your behalf too. Those are safer than many options.

Become “private” on social media

No matter how much they say, social media is safe; things might take a wrong turn sometimes. Setting your social media account, whether Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to “private” is one way to get only meaningful connection requests and prevent random people from accessing anything you post. This gives you complete control over who can see your updates and talk to you, and who can’t.

Pay attention to your set

You might not be aware but it’s very easy for some users to figure out your personal information or your location from a live cam stream. They may spot something outside your window, or a cup from a specific café, or any other thing with your name on it. As such, you must scan your set properly before starting a cam session so that you leave no trace of your private details.

Also, you should be cautious about what you both talk about during a cam session. Avoid mentioning anything, such as a bar or restaurant near you or an event happening soon. They may outright find out where you stay.

Be extra careful with your photos

Of course, you can post pictures of yourself online, but with a little extra care. You need to be cautious about which photos to post and which not to post. Make sure you don’t post your cam site photos on your social accounts and vice versa. Having the same photos on your cam site and social media account will make it easier for unscrupulous users to find matches. Be aware that iPhone photos mention your location information, so you have to turn this off in your settings.

Stay away from PayPal

PayPal may be a preferred payment processing platform for many, but there are a few flaws that may prove disadvantageous to cam models. First of all, PayPal makes it extremely easy to find your real name as you are required to have a verified account with them. Secondly, it provides a natural outlet for your money, especially in cases of refund after a transaction. The payer just has to say that the intent was sexual, which means PayPal will take the money from you and pay the client. So you should avoid it altogether. 

Don’t ever open suspicious links from users

Some viewers are pretty smart to lure you into opening links that give them complete access to your private information. You must avoid opening such links at all cost. These could be any malware that could also ruin the functionality of your computer system, thereby jeopardizing your pursuit.

Go through the guidelines for your cam site

The guidelines of your cam site explain in detail how to set up security measures for your protection. This should be the first thing you look at once you sign up.

Also, remember that although your fans may appear trustworthy, they are just showing the best of themselves to talk to you. It may not turn out that way in reality.  So your privacy protection is vital, and you need to pay heed to it.

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