How to Become a Cam Girl

Do you want to be a cam girl? It’s okay if you don’t know anything about it. That’s exactly why we’re here.

Camming can be such a lucrative and exciting career. But it also requires a lot of guts, patience, and perseverance to really become rich. But don’t worry. We know all the ins and outs of cam modeling, and we can guide you to become the best and most successful cam girl in town.

So, start reading.

  • Set up the technology

First things first; to be a cam model, you’ll need to have the right technology in place. Your list of purchases should include:

  • A laptop or desktop
    • A webcam
    • An internet connection
    • A wireless keyboard & mouse

Apart from this, you should also set up lighting – either the professional 3-point lighting or a bunch of powerful lamps which you can place on set.

You should also look for a quiet, safe, and spacious place to cam from. Purchase clothes, accessories, and toys that go well with the surroundings.

  • Search for a cam site and apply

Next, look for a cam website/platform that is right for you.

There are thousands of cam sites on the internet, with each having its own set of features, rules, and regulations. Before you apply at any of them, study their user and employee policies to see if the site matches your temperament and needs.

You should ask yourself these questions before you apply at a site:

  • What benefits does the site offer models?
    • What are their payment policies?
    • How much percentage of the earnings do they take as a commission?
    • Can I work independently or with another cam site if I quit here?
    • What features/facilities do they have for models to make money?
    • How is website security?

If these answers do meet your expectations, fill in the application form, upload good-looking photos of yourself, and then submit the application.

  • Try out the cam site’s features

Once you’ve been selected by the cam site as a model and you create an account, it’s time to test the website. This is the time you should take to familiarize yourself with how the website works, how your progress and performance is tracked, how viewers see your profile, what are the best facilities for money-making on the site, who your biggest competitors are, and so on.

Usually, cam sites have a dedicated training section where new models are provided access to training videos, blogs, and other helpful tools, which they can use to learn camming. Use these materials and get ready for your first session.

  • Choose a memorable name

Your name is your biggest identifier in the world of camming, and having a memorable stage name is essential for any cam model who wants to be a raging success. When selecting a name, be sure to choose a name that is very different from your own. This way, people won’t be able to search for the real you online.

You should also do your research to check if any other model has already used your chosen name. This prevents your prospective fans from getting confused and going to the wrong person’s profile. If you’re unsure what name to keep, select a generic first name and a kinky last name. That’s always fun.

  • Create a stellar profile

Your cam profile is the very first thing that visitors to the site see of you. It is this profile that viewers vet before they decide whether to visit your session or not.

A poorly-written or boring profile can be the biggest turn-off for many visitors. So, always make your profile lively, passionate, and bubbly. Use gorgeous and sexy pictures of yourself to reel viewers in.

Remember to only give viewers a taste of your super-fun personality. Keep the real goods for the actual streaming.

  • Activate safety and privacy settings

Before you let your profile go live on the cam site, make sure you’ve put in place all the security features. After all, you never know what kind of people your viewers might turn out to be.

Most cam sites have a geoblocking option, where you can block certain regions in the world from accessing your video streaming. If you want high security, you should use this feature. Additionally, remember to:

  • Make all your social media profiles private.
    • Never reveal personal details about yourself.
    • Never open any files or links sent by your viewers.
    • Give a fake address for fans to send gifts to.
  • Tag yourself as a “New Model”

Almost all cam websites allow new-to-the-site cam girls to use the “New Model” tag. This is a very powerful tool. Many website visitors get super excited at the idea of watching a completely new cam girl online. They’re even willing to skip their usual models to attend sessions by new ones.

When you’re starting out at a website for the very first time, remember to use the tag “New Model.” This sets you apart from other profiles and helps you get hundreds of viewers on the first day itself. This can give you a massive head-start against competitors.

  • Be creative during your first stream

Always make your very first camming session spectacular. Dance, sing, strip, do the hula hoop…whatever’s your fancy. If you’re the quirky kind, you could even dress up as a fictional or historical character and do your piece.

At the end of the day, viewers stay on only if they find your stream interesting. They return to you only if they find your stream unforgettable. So, no matter what you do, make sure it is out-of-the-box, fun, and memorable.

  • Engage with repeat visitors

While you may draw a lot of eyeballs, you need to remember that the objective of camming is to make money. This is where audience engagement helps.

Start identifying who your repeat visitors are and actively engage with these regulars. Talk to them, ask them questions, compliment them, thank them for their loyalty. Trust us; they’ll love it.

Engagement makes viewers feel cared-for, and they’re more likely to start tipping you if you show them that you care.

  • Get rid of the unremunerative viewers

Identify those regulars who are making zero attempts at reimbursing you for your time and effort. These viewers seldom ever change and wasting your time on them is extremely unproductive. So, focus your time on people who are willing to spend money on you. 

You should also avoid engaging with viewers who don’t have an account on the site. They can’t pay you without an account and probably won’t make an account to do so either.

  • Spend time on promoting yourself

Finally, set up separate social media accounts for your cam streams. Instagram and Twitter are the best for cam girls. You can post saucy pictures of yourself or upload the link to a new video online.

You can create private fan groups and invite certain members to join. Here you can actively talk to and engage with your fans. This exclusivity will prompt these members to remain with you for the long haul.

You should also use these accounts to find out what your fans like and try to incorporate them into your videos. Announcements regarding changes in your streaming schedule should also be made here.

Doing all of this can help you become a successful cam girl in no time.

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