Best Cam Girl Sex Toys to Use

As a cam model, you need to understand that your income depends on the number of paying fans that you have. Getting hundreds of viewers does not mean anything if they don’t pay. Your primary objective should be to turn as many viewers to paying fans as possible. To achieve this objective, you need to get your viewers hooked to your shows.

The best way to do this is by using sex toys to enact the fetish and fantasy of your viewers. There are many benefits of using sex toys. You not only get to choose the sex toys that you want to use in your shows but will also have a lot of fun using them. Your viewers will love watching you use your favorite sex toys in innovative ways, and the tips will start pouring in in no time.

When it comes to picking sex toys that you can use during performances, you will be spoiled for choice. To help you get your viewers to rally around your business, we in this post, take a look at some of the best sex toys that you can use during your shows.

Anal toys

Anal stimulation is a taboo in many cultures. Many people consider anal sex as a type of unnatural sex. That said, anal stimulation makes for great viewing. If you like stimulating your anus, consider using anal toys such as anal beads, an anal dildo or butt plugs that you can wear throughout your show.

Anal beads and dildo allow you to move around, which means you can give your viewers a closer and better view. Playing with your anus shows your kinky side; something that your viewers are going to love. To excite and tease your viewers, show the anal sex toy in motion. To keep your viewers on the edge of their seat, rotate the dildo once it is inside your anus.

A suction cup dildo

Dildos are one of the most effective sex toys to use during your shows. You can use a dildo to stimulate your anus and/or your vagina or suck it to get your viewers super excited and horny. Because a dildo’s shape resembles that of a human penis, playing with it will show the kinky side of your personality.

A major drawback of using a traditional dildo is that at least one of your hands will be occupied. A suction cup dildo is designed to address this problem. You can sit on a suction cup dildo, which means your hands will be free throughout the show. To tease your viewers, you can use your hands to caress different parts of your body, such as nipples and breasts. You exploring different parts of your body is sure to drive your viewers crazy.

Before getting a suction cup dildo, make sure you have a hard and smooth surface that the dildo can be attached to. If you have a hardwood floor or even a chair, you’re set. You can even attach your suction cup dildo to your shower’s wall. To drive your viewers crazy, come up with innovative ideas to use your dildo.  Remember, the better you enact their fetishes, the more they’ll tip you, and (hopefully) you’ll also experience an increase in the number of private session requests.

Sex furniture

Sex furniture, also known as erotic furniture, is any form of furniture that can be used during sexual acts. Though almost any type of furniture can be used for this purpose, some specially designed furniture for erotic purposes includes sex gliders, sex swings, fisting slings, and smotherbox/queening stool. To spice up your shows, consider investing in sex furniture.

Opt for pieces that let you lift your butt so that your viewers get a clear view. You can also use pieces that let you go hands-free when using a dildo or any other sex toy.


There is no better way to get your viewers hooked to your performances than by allowing them to be in charge of your sexual pleasure. Teledildonics let you exactly do that! While several toys can be manipulated remotely by another party, some toys come with movies. The way these toys work is synchronized to a script.

At cam4, we set up our models with the Lovense toy range. Once you have set yourself up, your users can decide how long the toy vibrates. As long as they keep on tipping, the toy keeps on vibrating. Your viewers get value for money. Being in charge of your sexual pleasure will give your viewers a sense of satisfaction, which is a good enough reason to keep coming back for more.

Lovense software allows viewers to view the menu. They can view the vibration level, the top three tippers and the (screen) name of the person who activated it. You can also play games with your viewers. A super popular game to play with your viewers is Roll the Dice. Anyone who wants to roll the dice has to tip you. The toy response is randomized.

Glass toys

Glass toys look delicate, are soft and generally small in size than their traditional counterparts. If you are afraid to use huge dildos straightaway, consider starting with small glass toys. Though glass toys are usually smaller in size than traditional silicone and aluminum toys and may appear delicate, they are second to none when it comes to providing pleasure.

A wand vibrator

Nothing excites viewers more than watching their favorite cam girl have a real, intense, and loud orgasm. To drive your viewers crazy, use a wand vibrator. These vibrators can make even an asexual woman climax. With a wand vibrator by your side, you’ll never ever have to fake an orgasm during your shows. Watching you pulsate with pleasure is sure to get your viewers super excited.

Buying sex toys: Few things to consider

First and foremost, look for toys that use body-safe materials such as silicone, ABS plastic, glass, wood, and aluminum. Make sure the toy is safe for insertion in the body. Toys made of these materials are easy to maintain and can be easily cleaned using an antibacterial wipe. Opt for toys that you’re comfortable using. Avoid super big dildos that will stretch you out. Remember, you not enjoying while performing is the biggest turn-off for your audience.

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